Flexible Display

Flexible LED screens give you the opportunity to put your creativity to work. They are hi-definition LED displays with outstanding contrast & brightness levels. It projects vibrant images even in high ambient environments. These panels are made up of pliable yet tough silicone rubber for bending or molding around any shape. Also, they are lightweight and thin panels which need not be supported by heavy structure. They are extensively used for stage performances, concerts, commercial buildings, lobbies, in hospitality.

Another way of making flexible LED screens is by using LED mesh. LED mesh is a high transparent, soft full color LED displays system. Its features are flexible installation, lightweight, high transparency, which are adaptable to various kinds of installation procedures, such as bending, folding, winding, swinging, etc. Unlike many LED screen models the advantage is that you can hang it from an overhead pipe just like hanging a thick curtain. High artistry and creativity can make it possible to assemble the LED mesh into various shapes. The Flexible LED Screen/Mesh is perfect for large foyers, temporary advertising signs, stage back drop, expos, music bands, night clubs, karaoke clubs, etc.

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