System Components

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Control System

LED Display Control system is made up of hardware and software components and it mainly contains the following parts: Sender card which is installed in the controlling PC/LED videoprocessor Receiver cards which are installed in each cabinet of LED display Hub cards which are also installed in each cabinet of the LED display Accessories like fiber optic converter, multi-function card, etc The DVI signal comes from the sender card in the controlling computer and is then given to the receiver cards in the LED display cabinets. If the input signal is from any other device such as a camera, DVD player, etc, then it is captured by the sender card installed in a small device called a LED video processor which is then given to the receiver cards in the LED displays. We generally offer two different types of control systems for our LED displays namely Linsn and Zdec. Linsn Control system is very mature and has the most important feature of stability because of the years of experience attached to it.