Scrolling Display

LED ticker also known as scrolling LED display is a LED strip that show information in form of text most of the time. LED ticker is used to show some kind of live data for e.g. stock market data, news headlines, RSS feeds, twitter feeds, brief messages etc.

The content running on LED ticker is mostly in motion. XM LED ticker is made up of true color LED modules. LED ticker also incorporates some attractive animation to showcase impactful messages. For e.g. XM stock ticket at Bombay Stock Exchange is horizontal 25 ft long LED ticker. There are various symbols used such as up arrow, down arrow. With XM stock exchange software, this ticker shows rising stock rates in green color & it uses red color for the stocks which is losing its value. The similar kind of solution is used in National Stock Exchange’s vertical 2 stock tickers.

The purpose of LED ticker is to show crisp information; LED tickers are also used to show public safety messages at various transport points. To show bank rates, currency rates, gold rates, interest rates at banks. To show the live streaming headlines LED ticker can be used, it can also be used to engage the viewer with twitter feeds.

Many a times LED tickers can also be used to show small size images or some kind of flash animations in case of special occasions. XM LED ticker at Directi Internet solutions in Mumbai shows different brand logos of Directi group.

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