LED Ceiling

LED Ceiling / Sky Screen

Ceiling art form is neither new nor innovative. Over the course of artistic history some of best pieces of art and architecture are in the form of ceiling art. However it’s the LED technology, its crystal clear imagery and flexibility that add a modern technological facet to the ceiling displays. The content that is played on the screen is important and can be very powerful to maximize the merchandising impact of the screen. They are easy to install, versatile, durable and secure.

The beauty of the skyscreen is in its location. It’s positioning is such that its strikes the periphery of our attention. Depending on the area and nature of the structure, different kind elements can be used to form the LED ceiling. If the media is selected correctly it will gel seamlessly within the environment, providing a non-obtrusive immersive experience. By maintaining the skillfulness and high level quality of visuals, the skyscreen may grow to become one of the major icons of property. It sets a new benchmark for urban screens. This is future at its best.

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