LED Video Wall Applications

A huge variety is available in LED video walls to suit different indoor and outdoor requirements. Most of the products are discussed in other sections of our website. Depending on how the LED’s are encapsulated, assembled and installed, they can be put to great use for different applications. Being pioneers in this industry we understand LED’s well and how they can be programmed to different colours for meaningful content.

LED Video walls are largely used for outdoor applications because they can be made water proof and of very high brightness viewable under direct sunlight also. Outdoor applications involve LED hoardings which can be scheduled to show different ads at different time of the day, LED scoreboards and perimeter displays in stadiums to show ads and scores, LED tickers to show stock market data, VMS boards to show traffic rules and safety messages and on building facades for branding activities.

Indoor LED Video walls are largely used in corporate lobbies for showing company information, in auditoriums as a stage backdrop, in airports, railways, etc to show travel information and in clubs and pubs they take very interesting form of LED steps, LED ceiling and LED dancefloor.

stage led video wall in chennai